I just wanna be me.

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I think it’s nice to receive things with your mind as a blank canvas. That the point is that we receive as a blank canvas, that when you heard something you allow the art kind of to be made for the first time, in a way. That you don’t have to all view it in the same way. 

You know, my sexuality just doesn’t play a very big part in my life like that. It’s much more of like, an animalistic, pure thing and I struggled with understanding it my whole life because I felt more connected to male artists, more connected to rock and roll, more connected to glam culture.

Femininity, the way that I learned about it growing up, I just didn’t feel comfortable in it. I mean, like today we tried wigs on and the ones that were maybe more girly or pretty it was, like I felt uncomfortable because that’s just not how I see my music and there’s a certain power in ignoring any sort of pretense about sexual orientation or gender. It’s so much, like to me a canvas doesn’t have gender so if you’re a vehicle you have to… kind of like, annihilate all of those preconceived notions. But some people are really driven by their sexuality and it’s part of who they were, it’s just not for me. Being a woman it’s a secondary part of my existence. I’m much more concerned with my consciousness and knowing that I am my fans, my fans are me, we are each other. All people are connected. 

And that if one person is sick, then the whole world is sick. It’s all about compassion and love. 

// Lady Gaga by Inez and Vinoodh for Porter Magazine

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